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tv   Early Today in Iowa  NBC  November 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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tornadoes... in late november in eastern iowa. our storm track seven team tracked it all. plus we are following breaking news overnight. a plane carrying a soccer team in south america crashes... and there and the trump transition team says -- expect a number of very important announcements today. i'm jerry gallagher. let's check on your weather now with storm track 7 meteorologist eileen loan.
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from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: behind the cold front yesterday, today will be mild in comparison. partly cloudy skies will continue through daytime hours. highs today will be above average in the mid 40s to the north and low 50s to the south. winds could be a little breezy at times but for the
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days from december and we're talking about tornadoes. severe weather rolled through eastern iowa yesterday. this video was sent to us from a viewer near parkersburg, with a funnel forming above butler county. butler county emergency management says -- fortunately -- the county escaped with very little damage. some roof damage, a small shed blown off its foundation and some tree limbs down. more video -- this out of grundy it shows a slim funnel cloud. there were at six reports of tornadoes yesterday in iowa. it's unusual for this time of year... but certainly has happened before. 41 tornadoes in iowa during the month november since 1980. the storms also brought hail -- here are a few pictures of the build-up sent to us from the parkersburg area. as the storms moved through -- we received many pictures and a lot
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thank you for that. whenever you see news - or if you have pictures or video to share and can do so safely... go to our breaking news this morning: a plane carrying a soccer team from brazil has crashed. 81 people were on the flight that went down in colombia. five people survived. everyone else died in that crash. the team was on its way to a regional tournament. no word yet on what went wrong, but colombia had been hit hard by hea continuing coverage this morning: students go back to class this morning at ohio state after several were attacked yesterday. "dispatcher: 911, what's your emergency? caller: hi, i'm at ohio state, ran out with a knife chasing down people." 11 were hurt -- including one person who has critical injuries. a campus police officer shot and killed the suspect. the attacker -- an ohio state student
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he wrote on what appears to be his facebook page -- that he reached a boiling point -- and made a the killer was a somali refugee who lived in pakistan before coming to the u-s as a legal permanent resident two years ago. investigators are searching his apartment. f-b-i agents have been seen walking in and out with bags of potential evidence. ohio's governor says the university will be stronger -- having learned a lot from what happened. "and i can promise you, from outstanding and heroic performance on the part of our first responders." he says it's not just the students who go there now who are dealing with this. he says anyone who has ever been this is video of a prayer vigil held
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was on the scene within a minute yesterday and killed the attacker -- likely saving lives. a man wanted by police dies after being shot by an off-duty officer. police say the officer was shopping in a store in illinois -- when he saw the suspect. the officer later shot him but the suspect was still able to get into a car and drive away. he crashed about a mile down the st wanted by police. heading to court today -- the bus driver accused in that deadly crash last week in tennessee. johnthony walker faces several charges. six students were killed and five others are still in the hospital. investigators say they found no drugs or alcohol in his system -- and at this point -- it's still unclear why he was not on his regular route when the bus crashed. today, jury selection picks up in south carolina in the case against
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people inside a church. the judge says roof is competent to stand trial. a judge also says roof can represent himself in court -- as his own attorney. wildfires are forcing people out of their homes -- and also away from a popular tourist spot. there are at least 14 fires burning around gatlinburg, tennessee. several roads and trails through great smoky mountain national park have been closed. wind gusts keep bringing down trees -- fires to spread rapidly. this week, a memorial will open for 19 firefighters who lost their lives fighting a wildfire in arizona. the yarnell hill fire three years ago -- was the deadliest for firefighters in 80 years. firefighters have an unusual call in florida. they have to put out a fire on a c- v-s when the fire started. no
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united airlines flight is behind bars. she's accused of pulling open the emergency exit door. it happened in houston. the plane was waiting for the final taxi into its gate when the woman opened the emergency exit and jumped out. video shows her running across the tarmac. "and the attendants kept telling everybody you know stay seated, um surreal, i guess would be a good word." the f-b-i looked into it -- but is no longer involved in the investigation because investigators say she's not a threat to national security. off the job this morning -- a mcdonald's employee. fired for putting mustard in a drink. a kansas police officer says he found mustard in his doctor pepper as he went through the drive thru. police are investigating
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three people died and five others got sick after eating the same thanksgiving meal in california. church volunteers made the meal -- and it was served at an american legion hall. more than "we're interviewing people that we know are ill and we're also trying to find people who might trying to get the word out to one person is still in the four others have been released. rescue crews found a couple that went missing disappeared over the weekend. they went for a drive in the mountains of california -- but "we weren't planning on being well. i started to panic a little bit todayto. morrow was and we're just like, 'we're so
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shower." both were checked out by doctors and are going to be ok. now to the white house transition. we're expecting more announcements today from the trump transition team. plus mitt romney's back for a second meeting today. tracie potts also has the latest on a possible recount in some states. "there will be a number of very important announcements tomorrow." those announcements today are expected to include georgia congressman tom price as secretary of health and human services. he's an orthopedic surgeon, and he's been the republicans' point person to rewrite the affordable care act. tennessee senator bob corker is among seven people scheduled to meet with the trump team today. he's emerged as a viable contender for secretary of state, as insiders clash over mitt romney for that job. romney's in new york for a second meeting with the
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meantime the recount is on in wisconsin. "i'm confident that the president-elect is gonna win." it's going to cost three and a half million dollars. green party candidate jill stein - who requested the recount - says they raised the money overnight. "almost 140,000 donors have stood up to say, 'we deserve an election system that we can have confidence in.'" but experts tell nbc recounts in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania are unnecessary. "it was very clear that fraud was not wide happening as a result of this." pennsylvania republicans say the recount is "totally and completely without merit." michigan republicans are urging hillary clinton to publicly ask jill stein to call it off. i'm tracie potts in washington, now back to you. trump also spent an hour yesterday with retired general david patraeus -- another contender --
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president is getting a second look. iowa state's president has taken heat for his personal use of school planes. steven leath is being audited by the board of regents after a vacation. leath initially didn't believe the log was public record -- but later gave over the log to be reviewed. today, the public will get a chance to meet the first finalist in the running to be u-n-i's next president. neil theobald served as president of temple from 20-12 until august of this year. he'll visit campus today. there's a public forum this afternoon -- beginning at 2-30 in the old central ballroom of maucker union. there are three finalists -- each will visit campus this week. the second finalist will be announced this morning. the board of regents meets next week to pick the new president. the holiday season comes with a big gift for the university of iowa college of medicine. the roy j carver charitable trust is
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university in order to create a neuroscience center within the college of medicine. the university of iowa has also asked to board of regents to allow for the permanent renaming of the new institute when the regents meet next week. the college of medicine is named after roy j and lucille a carver. love can team -- even the wildest of hearts. and even when the groom's name is "wild bill". a world war two veteran has tied the knot the age of 91. he met his bride at the armed forces "i believe i am as close to this earth." proving it's never too late to find love. the time now is a long, cold night for football fans -- waiting to get their hands on a very hot ticket. plus -- making christmas brighter from military families all over the u-s. these stories and the storm track seven forecast from rachael pert coming up on today
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let's go to storm track seven meteorologist eileen loan now for your forecast forecast. from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information.
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stormtrack 7 weather team: today will be mild in comparison. partly
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highs today will be above average in the mid 40s to the north and low 50s to the south. winds times but for the most part won't be an issue. tonight, additional clouds begin to track
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few flurries overnight...there most likely will not be any still to come this morning: it's hard to wrap this christmas gift -- but the delivery will still be a big surprise for many families all over the country. plus the panthers are getting ready for post-season play. the u-n-i volleyball team is ready to hit
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volleyball team is getting ready for the nc- double-a tournament. this is the 20th time the panthers have made it in the history of their program. uni finished 24 and 9 and rebounded from a slow start. they began the season 6 and 5. they're being rewarded for that effort.
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day cause for us that's the biggest part of it. you have to be getting better every day. you have to have to have a focus and to be playing your best at the end, that has to happen. uni plays creighton on thursday afternoon in lawrence, kansas. the two teams met earlier this year with the blue jays winning in straight sets. the kentucky wildcats are so good that they even turn mistakes into highlight-reel plays wildcats. a bad pass alone the sideline. somehow, the young man grabs it and throws it to another player who finishes the play with a dunk. kentucky dominated arizona state 115-68. the big ten drops a small hammer on michigan. the conference fined the school 10-thousand dollars for jim harbaugh's comments about the officials after saturday's loss to
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harbaugh repeatedly ripped the refs after the game. he was upset throughout the game, throwing multiple tantrums on the sidelines, including one that led to a 15-yard penalty. neither michigan nor ohio state is in the big ten championship game. it's penn state against wisconsin on saturday. "i've been to every home football game since i was six months old, so this is really, really exciting!" the badgers and nittany lions play at seven on saturday night in indianapolis. soldiers -- one tree at a time. christmas tree farms are teaming up with fed-ex to put on trees for troops. thousands of trees will be shipped out to military families all over the u-s. they'll be delivered to more than 60 military bases. 26 days from christmas -- some shopping pscyhology to share with you this morning. what music leads to impulse buys? that story next.
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buy that? apparently stores have set the stores are using psychology and research to are on the middle of a shelf and if a price ends in nine studies show people are more likely to buy. how sales clerks treat customers may also influence shoppers. but according to a study the nice guy doesn't always finish first. in fact rude sales people in luxury stores can cause customers with lower self-esteem to spend more. and if you think the music you hear is random -- think again. the rightre leads to impulse buys. whereas shoppers may not pay attention to lesser known music and instead focus on prices. things to consider to help you shop smarter. for consumer watch -- i'm mary moloney. today in iowa is back with the forecast from storm track seven
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no, no, no, no, people are both soft and strong... yey! which is why our products are too.
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for your forecast forecast. from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team:
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seatbelts might have saved the lives of two eastern iowa police officers in a weekend crash. plus... a lack of communication. an eastern iowa city working to make sure firefighters are in the loop with changes to their department. and from n-f-l star to farmer. coming up -- the story of a man who walked away from a multi-million dollar career to give back to his community. good morning, i'm ally crutcher. and i'm jerry gallagher. rain -- hail -- thunderstorms -- severe weather rips through iowa. in hardin county -- a tornado touched down in radcliffe. this just one of six reports of tornadoes yesterday in iowa. people say they heard gusty winds and loud booms. after the storms passed -- they found fences broken... power lines knocked down... and tree branches were all over the place. with all the kids and you know, counting heads, probably 30


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